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Building the Kingdom. Transforming Lives. One Investment at a Time.



Standard Terms

Below is a list of general ADF loan terms. For current interest rates or other loan information, please call us toll free at 1-888-878-3060.

  • Adjustable Interest Rate: All ADF loans have an adjustable interest rate, with rates and monthly payments being adjusted annually on most loans. Although adjustable, our rates tend to be stable, since they are based on the cost of relatively long-term investments rather than typical market indices, such as the Prime Rate.
  • Extension/First-Worship-Property Rate Discount: Ministries who meet at least one of the following criteria qualify for an interest rate reduction for up to five years (does not apply to some loan products):
    • Ministry is less than eight years old
    • Ministry is using the loan to acquire its first-owned worship property
  • Self-Funding Rate Discount: Interest rates can possibly be lowered through "self-funding," which involves ADF investors leveraging investments on behalf of ADF loans. A more detailed description of this program is available here.
  • Term/Maturity: Most ADF loans have a term/maturity of 20 years. Additionally, loan payments are amortized over 20 years, so there is no balloon payment. For construction loans, the 20-year term and amortization begin after the final loan draw is taken.
  • Collateral: Most ADF loans are secured by a first lien against real property. The amount borrowed should not be greater than 80 percent of the value of the collateral property.
  • Closing Costs: ADF does not charge a loan origination fee or any "points" on its loans. Borrowers, however, can expect to pay standard closing costs, such as title insurance fees and document recording fees.

Other Products

In addition to our standard loan product described above, ADF offers a couple products with unique loan terms, which may provide a better fit for some borrowers. Descriptions of these products can be accessed below:

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