Building the Kingdom.

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Building the Kingdom. Transforming Lives. One Investment at a Time.



ADF Distinctives

What sets ADF apart from other lenders?

  • Spiritual health – We are concerned about the spiritual health of your ministry (not just financial health).
  • We’re “family” – ADF will only make loans to Alliance churches and auxiliary ministries, and the money used to fund these loans comes only from Alliance family members and friends. We understand what makes you tick – we share your “heartbeat.”
  • Kingdom priorities – Our priorities in lending reflect the denomination’s passion for church planting. While commercial banks will offer less favorable loan terms to new and small churches because of the perceived risk, ADF assists startup churches and those purchasing their first worship property with its most favorable terms.
  • We’ll be there for you – To most commercial banks, you are nothing more than a source of revenue. If your ministry falls on hard times, a bank will do whatever is necessary to protect its investment. At ADF we have a fiduciary responsibility to protect our investors’ money, which funds church loans, but we also have a strong desire to see your church fulfill its God-given mission. Therefore, we go the extra mile to help churches make it through difficult times.
  • Financial savings – ADF charges no loan fees*. Furthermore, we rarely require a commercial appraisal to be ordered, resulting in significant savings. And, of course, our desire is always to provide the lowest interest rates that we possibly can. ADF’s rates are competitive and, in some cases, have been much lower than what commercial banks could offer.
  • You’re more than a customer – We consider ourselves your partners in ministry. The ADF staff takes a personal interest in the ministries of the churches we serve. In fact, our staff regularly prays for our churches.

* While ADF does not charge any fees, there are costs associated with loan closings such as title insurance, recording fees, mortgage taxes, etc. You should contact a local attorney or title insurance company to estimate these fees.

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