Building the Kingdom.

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Building the Kingdom. Transforming Lives. One Investment at a Time.




The Alliance Development Fund, Inc. (ADF) is the official securities program and lending arm of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA). Our purpose is to create a source of funds for making loans to C&MA church congregations, districts and affiliated organizations for their use in acquiring, constructing, or remodeling churches, parsonages or other ministry-related construction projects. ADF assets have grown from $5 million to over $300 million since the program began in 1978.

The Six-Month Certificate allows you the opportunity to invest at rates above what is generally available from money market accounts and does not require you to tie up your resources for one or more years.

Also, ADF offers you a choice in how to put your certificate interest to work with the Accrual Certificate. The accrual certificate provides semiannual compounding. Of course, the standard certificate affording you the opportunity to have regular interest payments sent directly to you is available.

We can’t forget the Maintenance Fee Free-IRA. Both Traditional and Roth are available and ADF pays the fees so that your investment grows even faster. If you currently have an IRA, consider what ADF can do for you and what you can do for the Kingdom.

If you put away funds for a rainy day in a savings account, how about switching to ADF’s Individual and Church Agreements? You can have an interest-bearing agreement with ADF that provides loan funds for churches.

ADF’s 403(b) is available to participants in the C&MA Retirement Plan. This will allow participants to diversify their retirement investing into investments of varying risks while continuing to support ADF’s investment to build churches.

Effortless Investing (not available in Ohio)

The Alliance Development Fund offers you peace of mind with Effortless Investing. We keep the investing process as simple and easy as possible so your financial growth works for itself.

Simplify your investing process with Effortless Investing. It is the easiest way to make automatic withdrawals and no-fee transfers for your rainy day savings and retirement investments. Sign up today, set your transfer amount and you're on your way to building your financial future - effortlessly.

This service is available for all ADF investment accounts and services that allow for regular investments or withdrawals.

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