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Open Doors in Sacramento

Imagine moving your family to a foreign country. You don’t speak the language or understand the culture’s values. Something as small as buying food is stressful. But what if your kids need medical care? How are you going to navigate the transportation system? What if people take advantage of you?

For some 12,000 people in Sacramento, California, those types of situations are daily concerns.

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Have You Put Your Wishes in Writing?

Posted by Larry McCooey on July 12, 2018

The Ten Commandments and the Bible make it obvious that the Lord places a great emphasis on putting important agreements in writing. The important agreements we put in writing include marriage licenses, loan agreements, business contracts, and more. But when it comes to writing our Last Will and Testament, we tend to put it off year after year.

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Protect Your Staff

Posted by David Graf

Trust comes easily as you serve with others in ministry. They are family — your brothers and sisters in Christ. But by placing too much trust, by neglecting common-sense accountability structures, you may create an atmosphere of temptation for them. One pastor whom I greatly admire learned this lesson the hard way. He is not the first pastor to do so and, unfortunately, he will not be the last. I asked him to write a guest blog about his story hoping that our readers will take action to protect their staffs. This is a great pastor from a dynamic church. If it could happen to him, it could happen to anybody. He is a wise man. Please take his warning to heart and make every effort to protect your own people from this temptation.

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Increase Your Fixed Return While Still Benefiting Ministry

Posted by Rob Pease on January 15, 2018

In this edition of Alliance Financial Care, I’m interviewing Joseph Padilla, Vice President for Development with The Orchard Foundation, about charitable gift annuities (CGA). We specifically want to address how ADF investors can increase your fixed return anywhere from 4.6% to 9% (it varies by age) while still benefiting your ministry by partnering directly with The Orchard Foundation.

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